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Health & Safety

Having a strong safety culture is an important element of our successful safety program. Employees learn on their first day in our office that safety and health is paramount to our success. This vision is reinforced through new employee mentoring, daily pre-work meetings, pre-task planning and employee reviews.


Kejsi Contractors has a comprehensive Company Health and Safety Policy and a management structure that indicates the levels of responsibility. Its top priority is the health and safety of staff, employees, the public and fellow contractors. The company encourages a climate which promotes staff commitment to health & safety. It does not accept any lack of commitment to these standards.

It is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment by delivering high-quality professional services. It is proactive in ensuring the safe execution of all works undertaken.


Kejsi Contractors

  • Operatives hold their CSCS, CPCS or CISRS cards
  • Operatives receive a site induction from the Site Manager before commencing work on each site
  • Expectations of Health and Safety standards from employees and sub-contractors alike are very high
  • We are committed to monitoring their achievements on site and therefore continually improving their performance

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